TROG Cancer Research
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TROG Scientific Committee Members

Appointed positions: 
Scientific Committee Chair: Prof Trevor Leong
Radiation Oncologist: Dr Puma Sundaresan (TROG Publications Chair)
Radiation Oncologist: Dr Sashendra Senthi
Radiation Oncologist: Prof Michael MacManus
Discipline Representative – Statistics: Prof Val Gebski
Discipline Representative – Radiation Therapy: Ms Shivani Kumar
Discipline Representative – Medical Oncology: Dr James Lynam 
Discipline Representative - Interventional Oncology: Dr Jonathan Tibballs
Discipline Representative – Physics: Prof Paul Keall 
Independent Consumer Representative: Mr John Stubbs 

Ex officio positions: 
Health and Pharmaco-economic technical serviceA/Prof Richard De Abrieu Lourenco
Quality of Life technical service: Prof Madeleine King 
TROG Research Manager: Mrs Renee Swanson 
TROG Radiation Therapy Manager: Mrs Alisha Moore 
TSC Secretary: Ms Rebecca Montgomery

TROG has launched more than 100 clinical trials since 1989.