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Rhys Fitzgerald
Radiation therapist
Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane

Rhys is a radiation therapist at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane. Rhys was the first radiation therapist to become a full TROG member since full membership was opened to anyone qualified in their discipline in April 2014.

Rhys, how are you currently involved with TROG?

I have just become a full member and currently attend the Lung Subspecialty teleconference meetings.

Tell us about a major project you are working on at the moment.

I am currently completing my Masters by Research Degree investigating different delivery techniques to treat NSCLC with SABR.

What does becoming a full TROG member enable you to do?

Becoming a full member will allow for me to have a vote, submit trial proposals and take part in speciality groups that interest me.

Why did you become a radiation therapist?

I find the job really interesting, a mix of technology and medicine. It also gives the satisfaction that you are helping to treat someone with cancer.

Favourite part of working at PAH?

The diverse and complex nature of our case mix keeps everyone on their toes. The recent introduction of state of the art technology is also very interesting.

What has been the highlight of your working career so far?

Winning a travel grant that allowed me to attend an SBRT training course in Dallas, site visit to University of Colorado and ISRS in Canada in 2012.

First job you ever had?

Worked at Coles to get me though Uni.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

My wife and I run a business where we teach children to play soccer.

Best place you’ve travelled to….

Niagara Falls, it is absolutely amazing.

Favourite food….


‘My friends say I am…’


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