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Alison Coote
Central West Cancer Service, Orange

Alison is a Clinical Trial Coordinator at the Central West Cancer Service, Orange where she looks after patients across a wide geographical area.

Alison, what does your job entail?

Service development, selection of appropriate of clinical trials related primarily to radiation oncology, recruitment of patients to these trials, education and awareness of clinical trials to the health service staff and feed in communities.

What geographical area are you responsible for?

Patients attend Orange Health Service from across the Western Local Health District.  We have received patients from as far away as Bourke and Collarenebri in the North, from Condobolin and Warren in the west, from Grenfell in the south and Lithgow in the east and all communities in between!

What you are enjoying most about your job?

This is an exciting area of health service delivery, one that has not been available to our rural communities in the past, so the opportunity to bring clinical trials to this rural health service.

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