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Beth Caudwell
Trial Coordinator, Auckland City Hospital

Beth, what's the best part of being a trial coordinator?

The huge variety of projects and things to learn, meeting and working with great people, knowing that you’re helping to improve outcomes for cancer patients… it’s hard to choose just one thing.

How are you currently involved with TROG?

I’m the local trial coordinator for the STARS (TROG 08.06) and TOPGEAR (TROG 08.08) trials at Auckland Hospital, and have worked on many TROG or TROG-affiliated trials over the last few years including local management of the RAVES (TROG 08.03) trial. Another aspect of my role which involves TROG research is managing feasibility assessments of radiation oncology trials for Auckland’s Cancer & Blood Service.

Tell me about a major project you are working on at the moment.

I’ve recently taken on a data management role for the RAVES (TROG 08.03) Trial Centre, working with Carol Fraser-Browne who is the overall Trial Centre Manager for RAVES. The volume of paper CRFs I’m receiving is pretty major!

What has been the highlight of your working career so far?

Flying business class to Boston, Massachusetts for an investigator meeting. I saw an exhibition of John Singer Sargent’s famous watercolour paintings (which my artist boyfriend was incredibly jealous of), checked out MIT and Harvard, and got to see Nine Inch Nails in concert while I was there!

What is it like to work at Auckland Hospital?

It’s a really great place to work and my research colleagues are a fantastic, hardworking, cake-loving group of people. We have awesome staff in the whole Cancer & Blood Service and everyone puts in 110% for the patients and for research too.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Going for a bush walk somewhere in the Waitakere Ranges, heading to a concert, indulging in some Playstation time or cooking for friends.

Favourite actor or musician:

I don’t really have a favourite actor or musician, but a few of my favourite bands are Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age, Pearl Jam and NIN – and I’ve seen them all live in concert this year :)

My favourite place in the world is….

Anywhere with a view. The panorama from the top of Mt Eden on a clear night is awesome.

My friends say I am…

Sweet and nice… but my car says I’m a CRZLDY.

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