TROG Cancer Research
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Our staff

Management and admin team

Joan Torony   
Chief Executive Officer 

Joan oversees TROG's management, staff and resources. Joan’s role involves overseeing and assisting trial development and trial management coordination, and support for TROG committees and research compliance; developing and implementing strategies, budgets, operational and business plans approved by the TROG Board; and ensuring that the organisation’s structure and processes meet the strategic and cultural needs of the organisation.

Contact Joan:
P: 02 4014 3913

Melissa Crain        
Quality Assurance and Grants Manager

Mel is responsible for TROG's QA program including protocol compliance; technical services for radiotherapy quality assurance; and remote central data monitoring. She also handles the development of CQMS, budgets for QA services and strategic planning.

Contact Melissa:
02 4014 3905

Renee Swanson        
Research Manager

Renee’s role includes management of the Research team and oversight of TROG’s research activities including trial development and trial management coordination, support for TROG committees and research compliance. 

Contact Renee:
02 4014 3902

Andrew Jenkins
Financial Controller and Company Secretary

Andrew manages TROG’s finances and is a part of the executive management team preparing forecasts and budgets, assisting in the allocation of resources and strategic planning. As Company Secretary, Andrew oversees TROG's corporate governance functions. 

Contact Andrew:
P: 02 4014 3909

Tanya Carlyle
Communications and Marketing

Tanya coordinates TROG's communications and marketing initiatives as well as media opportunities to share the important news about our cancer research. Tanya also works on fundraising programs to support TROG's clinical trials.  

Contact Tanya:
P: 02 4014 3922

Trudi Wynne
Executive Assistant to the CEO & Fundraising Officer

Trudi is EA to the CEO, Joan Torony. Trudi assists with TROG's fundraising activities and works closely with our supporters on various fundraising initiatives including events and community fundraising appeals.

Contact Trudi:
P: 02 4014 3911


Narelle Hagger

Narelle assists our Financial Controller, Andrew Jenkins, to handle all of TROG's accounts processing and day-to-day management of financial requirements. 

Contact Narelle:
P: 02 4014 3908


Research team

Rebecca Montgomery     
Clinical Trial Project Manager

Rebecca assists with the management of the TROG Clinical Trial Portfolio, as well as supervising and training research staff. Rebecca assists with the development of new TROG trials and coordinates grant progress reports.

Contact Rebecca:
P: 02 4014 3910

Patrick Wheeler
Clinical Trial Coordinator

Patrick coordinates a range of TROG trials. He is responsible for coordinating the Skin and Head & Neck Subspecialty Groups. He is a TROG representative on the Clinical Research Education Workshop Committee and Publications Committee. Patrick's daily activities include data entry and management, as well as research reporting. 

Contact Patrick:
P: 02 4014 3903

Angie Chung
Clinical Trial Project Manager (CRO)

Angie is responsible for coordinating the trials sponsored by a commercial company. Her daily activities include trial project management and site management.

Contact Angie:

P: 02 4014 3912 

Brita Lehmann
Clinical Trial Coordinator

Brita is responsible for the coordination and data management of the TROG 15.01 SPARK trial, the TROG 16.02 Local HER-O trial and the Lung Subspecialty Group.

Contact Brita:
P: 02 4014 3904

Rachel Galettis
Clinical Trial Coordinator

Rachel is a Trial Coordinator for the TROG 07.01 DCIS trial. She is responsible for the day-to-day running of this large international study. Rachel also coordinates the TROG Breast Subspecialty group. She is also a TROG representative on the Clinical Research Education Workshop Committee

Contact Rachel:
P: 02 4014 3921

Courtney Hill
Clinical Trial Coordinator 

Courtney is responsible for coordinating the TROG 15.02 ROAM, TROG 16.03 CORE and TROG 14.04 HART trials. Her daily activities include data entry and management. Courtney also coordinates the Genitourinary Subspecialty Group.

Contact Courtney:
P: 02 4014 3911

Philip Tingle
Research Assistant (CRO) 

Philip assists with the CRO trials, TROG website maintenance and teleform verification. 

Contact Philip:
P: 02 4014 4759

QA team

Alisha Moore
Senior Quality Assurance Radiation Therapist

Alisha is a radiation therapist with more than 13 years’ experience. Alisha's role focuses on incorporating new techniques and technologies into clinical trials, managing education programs, clinical trial protocol development and the undertaking of QA technical reviews. Alisha provides technical support managing the use of 3D QA review software as well as training and implementation procedures. She is involved in data management, verification and site support.

Contact Alisha:
P: 02 4014 3906

Monica Harris
Quality Assurance Radiation Therapist

Monica is a Radiation Therapist from the U.S. with many years' experience in the field of radiotherapy. She has worked as a Clinical Trial Coordinator, looking after many TROG trials as well as PI initiated trials. Monica's role as a Quality Assurance Research Officer includes new protocol development, managing CQMS, QA reviews and reporting. She also works closely with TROG sites for credentialing, activation and trial compliance. 

Contact Monica:
P: 02 4014 3918

Olivia Cook
Quality Assurance Radiation Therapist

Olivia’s role includes administrating and undertaking QA radiotherapy plan reviews, managing CQMS, assisting sites with technical issues, data management and verification. Olivia is also involved in clinical trial protocol development, QA program development and working with TROG sites for credentialing and activation.

Contact Olivia:
P: 02 4014 3914

Cameron Dewar
Quality Assurance Research Assistant

Cameron is responsible for assisting the QA team in the coordination of clinical trial QA activities including administration of CQMS and notification of QA requirements to sites.

Contact Cameron:
P: 02 4014 3907

Our key research areas include treatment for breast, prostate, lung, head and neck cancers.