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Julie's cancer journey 

Julie McCrossin is a radio broadcaster and journalist. In 2013, Julie was diagnosed with Stage 4 oropharyngeal or throat cancer. 
“Being told that you have throat cancer is a very frightening experience,” said Julie. “I asked the doctor how many stages of cancer are there, and he replied four. I then knew that my cancer was very serious.”
Julie had radiation treatment every day for a month, combined with chemotherapy once a week. It took Julie a long time to recover from her cancer, both physically and emotionally. 


“I’m so grateful that I had radiation therapy. Recently, I received the news that I am cancer-free!,” said Julie. Julie is very thankful for her treatment, which she credits with saving her life. She is very much aware that the cancer treatment she received was developed through a clinical trial. It is through the support of the community that more research can be undertaken to save and improve the lives of people with cancer. 

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Watch Julie's cancer journey.

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